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The Full Story

From Reno to Ranchin', Sarah & Terry first met through a cilents referral to team up on contracting skills. Terry had NO idea what he was getting himself into! Two years later they were full partners in the consturction industry and a year after that here they are, Ranching! As Covid was taking its course, construction was booming and Terry had taken over the field giving Sarah far too much play time in life! Sarah found herself volunteering on a small farm and to no surprise started collecting "new friends" of her own...with nowhere to put them! Well she found a place in Dade City, had no plans of doing anything but housing animals in due time...which came just a few short four months later when she called Terry with "get the barn ready, I'm sleeping in it with the new baby cow I just picked up " .. .and so it began. 

It was rather quickly that Terry & Sarah realized that their land and "new friends" came with reward and tranquilty that they never considered. They cannot think of any other way to grow the Ranch than to offer it to the public, put the phones down, enjoy the calm and get back to our simple roots. Whether its learning about ranching, celebrating a birthday, or simply realxing in the hammocks, Sarah & Terry are determined to make HDRR a location destination for everyone! 

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